Men&Mice Suite 9.3 Released!

This new release of the Men&Mice Suite furthers the understanding that while the challenges are complex, solutions don’t need to be complicated. 



Men&Mice Suite v9.3 is now live with full API control for Akamai Fast DNS, support for enterprise SQL and LDAP authentication on Linux, strengthened High Availability features, and enhanced user experience.

Complex, not complicated: managing hybrid and multicloud networks

The Men&Mice Suite is an API-driven, software-defined overlay solution for the management of complex on-premise, hybrid and multicloud DNS, DHCP, and IPAM. The release of Men & Mice Suite version 9.3 brings several improvements and new capabilities with greater synchronization, portability, and visibility.

Highlights from Men&Mice Suite 9.3

Full support for Akamai Fast DNS: by offering a unified API (described as “multi-cloud, single-API”) and a transparent GUI, Men&Mice enables network operators and managers to cut down on overhead and redeploy resources for more useful tasks.

Strengthened High Availability features, and compatibility for enterprise SQL and LDAP authentication on Linux: a key focus for Men&Mice, the enterprise-level features in the IP infrastructure toolset of the Men&Mice Suite is expanding with each release.

Various UX enhancements: DNS and IPAM enjoy better synergy in Version 9.3 to deliver portable, full-range IP infrastructure management and create critical visibility and agility.

More details on Version 9.3 are available in the Release Notes.


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Why Men&Mice?

Men&Mice customers enjoy simpler, transparent DNS, DHCP, and IPAM operations in complex heterogeneous environments.

Some standout features of the Men&Mice Suite are:

  • Multi-cloud, single-API”: unified API for automation and network DevOps best practices
  • Cloud-native features streamline migration and synchronization of IPAM and DNS
  • Unparalleled integration with Windows servers, Azure ,and Azure DNS
  • xDNS Redundancy™ feature for complete DNS synchronization between hybrid or multicloud network services.
  • Flexible purchasing options with either perpetual licenses or subscriptions

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