Migration Consulting & Assistance

With an increased emphasis on automation, agility, cloud and security, organizations are looking to migrate from VitalQIP to a more robust and modern DDI infrastructure. The Men & Mice Professional Services team realizes that there is no “one size fits all” and instead of selecting another closed, rigid platform, the team assists organizations in choosing new platforms and services that will fit the need of the business, all managed through the Men & Mice Suite.

In a typical migration project, the Men & Mice Professional Services team will:

  • scope out and map the current VitalQIP (or other services)  infrastructure
  • propose a new architecture utilizing best of breed platforms and services
  • create a migration strategy using Men & Mice’s unique migration capabilities ensuring zero downtime
  • deploy Men & Mice and migrate data and services from VitalQIP to chosen DDI platforms, on-premises and in the cloud