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Updating reverse DNS records with Meat Hook

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/23/15 1:00 AM


Second-last to arrive, Meat Hook (Ketkrókur) stealthily steals meat with a hook.

Sometimes I just don’t know whether I’m going forwards or backwards. This time of year it’s especially bad. So much meat everywhere!

Once I get down to the humans with my sack of presents, the smells just make me go round and round and round and round. Roast turkey here, smoked leg of lamb there, glazed ham, prime rib, stuffed chicken, juicy quail, tender beef, pork crackling! Where to start! I really have to be careful. It’s so mouthwatering, I might just end up slipping on my own saliva.

When I don’t know where to turn, I like to spend a moment syncing before I make any decisions. You know, updating my reverse records and all. I find it’s best to use the Update Reverse Records Wizard in the Men & Mice Suite for this purpose. It allows me to create reverse DNS zones for selected ranges that exist on subnet boundaries and contain 254 or more IP Addresses (/24 or larger).

I only need to access IP Address Ranges on the object list, select the ranges, right-click, select Update Reverse Records from the shortcut menu and take it from there. Dead easy!

Now only if it were that easy to sync some roasted meat straight onto my hook …


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