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Men & Mice Suite Version 6.8 Released

Posted by Men & Mice on 4/28/15 7:49 AM

Reykjavik, Iceland, April 28th 2015 - Men & Mice announces the release of version 6.8 of the Men & Mice Suite.

The Men & Mice Suite is the ideal tool for network managers who desire minimal daily management, featuring planning, reporting, and auditing of growing dynamic IP networks, with the added benefit of delivering improved network security as well. The Men & Mice Suite version 6.8 can be deployed as a software solution on top of existing DNS/DHCP servers or as hardened DNS/DHCP virtual appliances.

Subnet Discovery and Ease of Use

Version 6.8 introduces several new features designed to streamline both initial deployment of the Men & Mice Suite, and day-to-day management of enterprise networks by way of automatic discovery and intuitive user interface improvements.

The new Subnet Discovery feature allows the Men & Mice Suite to directly query network routers for subnet information, making it far easier to add new subnets, and reducing administration time by eliminating the need for tedious manual input of new subnets. Meanwhile, the First Use Wizard allows new users to rapidly gain complete control over their networks by automating DNS/DHCP server and Active Directory Subnet discovery, and intelligently guiding administrators through the initial setup process.

Enhanced System Support

The Unbound Caching DNS Server now enjoys the same management utility as the Men & Mice Virtual Caching Appliance in the Men & Mice Suite, and can be simply added to the Men & Mice Suite Management Console like any other supported DNS server. With version 6.8 the Men & Mice Suite now also features native support for 64-bit Linux systems, and support for systemd integration on Linux installers.

Other Improvements

Version 6.8 also improves other aspects of the suite, featuring enhanced Windows DNSSEC support, improved failover handling on Microsoft DHCP servers, and a number of performance improvements to both the Men & Mice Suite and the Men & Mice Virtual Appliance products.

For a complete list of new features and enhancements:
Release notes on version 6.8.


Men & Mice Suite version 6.8 Free Trial


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3 Points on Connectivity - the IP Address module

Posted by Dora Vigfusdottir on 12/8/11 10:56 AM


The Men & Mice IP Address Module pt. 2:

3 Points on Connectivity

The Men & Mice Suite brings several ways to customize operations, to connect to existing software or to import/export data, e.g. from spread sheets or existing databases:

  • Script hooks: Scripts (scripting language doesn’t matter) can be attached to basic objects in the M&M Suite, e.g. to the type “IP Address Rage” or “IP Address”. The scripts are called by the system when an object is being changed. A script, which is attached to a script hook can return a success flag. When a success flag false is returned, it can be accompanied by an error message, which will be presented to the user and the change in the system will be denied. The success flag set to true will make the change.
  • Web Service: The M&M Suite’s Web Interface automatically provides a Web Service defined by the well-known SOAP standard.
  •  All languages, which are able to support SOAP calls, like Python, Powershell, C# or Java can be used to call the SOAP methods of the Men & Mice Central.  This allows for instance the automation of processes, export of subnet or device data, or integration of the Men & Mice Suite in existing environments.
  • CLI: A third method to import/export data is provided by the Men & Mice command line interface (mmcmd), which is available for all major platforms (Linux, Solaris (X86/Sparc), Windows, Mac OS X).


More to come!


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