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A new product - The Men& Mice DNS Caching Appliance

Posted by Dora Vigfusdottir on 4/2/12 7:35 AM

Men & Mice is proud to introduce a world class solution for high performance, secure DNS caching; The Men & Mice DNS Caching Appliance!

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The Men & Mice DNS Caching Appliance is built using the open source Unbound DNS Caching resolver. Unbound has excelled in security tests and fully supports DNSSEC validation. Unbound is also designed for dual-stack environments and IPv6-only setup.

Service providers rely on caching DNS services in their business and enterprises are increasingly operating their caching DNS separately for security reasons.  Our goal with the Men & Mice DNS Caching appliance is to provide a robust, fast and simple appliance for a fair price.

The Men & Mice DNS Caching appliance is a single purpose appliance, designed and built to maximize the performance of both hardware and software. Your Internet service is only as fast and reliable as your DNS Caching Servers. Benchmarking shows it to be up to two times faster than conventional DNS Caching servers! The appliance runs on a proven, solid hardware and comes with built in fault tolerance.  The appliance manager is available, either in a separate hardware box or as a virtual appliance.

Ease of installation and excellent management capabilities make our DNS Caching Appliance the perfect choice. Insert the SD card provided and you will be up and running within minutes. In the same way, replacing and adding new devices is a simple task.

Benefits of the Men & Mice DNS Caching Appliance include: 
  • Up to twice as fast as comparable solutions,
  • Tested to handle more than 150k QPS,
  • Designed for maximum security and stability,
  • Web GUI for central management,
  • Simple Installation and operation
  • Global support and warranty
  • and much, much more, just give it a try!


Go ahead, fill out the form and we will be in touch! 




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