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Men & Mice Sensible IPAM Part 2: Scaling your IP Infrastructure

Posted by Greg Fazekas on 11/21/18 6:13 AM

Continuing our series on creating a sensible strategy to consolidate management of your scattered network resources, we take a look at what happens when new resources need to be added to your network.

This Playbook series consists of five parts:

Each part presents real-world problems that Men & Mice have experience in solving.

Scaling existing configurations

Imagine that you are:

  • an MSP Infrastructure Server Admin, using Microsoft. Your business utilizes Virtual Machines to handle client workloads, but without an efficient handling of IP addresses, your DNS doesn't get updated fast enough. Customers complain about lags.
  • a Product Manager for a SaaS company seeing an uptick in customer numbers. You have the system set up just right, but to handle all the demand, you are looking at pulling in dynamic resources using multi-cloud accounts. You also don’t want to add more team members to handle it, but automate instead.
  • a Director of Operations overseeing a large network spanning several locations. At the start, you used to have spreadsheets to track IP addresses, and kept configuration files practically in your head. Surely there must be a better way.

It makes no sense to start from scratch unless you have no other option. Any business that's been around for a while will have their workflows and configurations set up for the most part. And with the array of affordable cloud resources in services like AWS and Azure, moving on-prem configurations to cloud infrastructure becomes a viable option.

From smaller networks to large, from on-prem to cloud, from manual spreadsheets to automation: it’s just a matter of scaling.

What You Need


A DNS, DHCP, and IPAM solution to pull data unobtrusively from your existing configurations. You may have been using spreadsheets for tracking IP addresses, and a local library with DNS configuration files. Whatever they may be, you need to plug them into the new solution.

In addition, it needs to replicate and automate provisioning for new resources. Bonus points for a holistic approach, where various vendors can be brought in without the accompanying overhead, special training or new personnel. In short, you want to use an API-driven solution to control and manage all others.

Where Men & Mice can help


A software-based, API-driven, and back-end agnostic solution, the Men & Mice Suite was developed to simplify core management of IP infrastructure in heterogeneous environments.

The Men & Mice Suite is a single-pane-of-glass overlay for your entire IP infrastructure, current, and future. Adding new resources, regardless of platform or vendor, isn’t hindered with compatibility problems since the software takes care of communicating with various on-prem solutions and cloud services through powerful, reliable APIs.

Overseeing multiple locations and resource allocations for different teams or projects can be done elegantly and easily. Already tested configurations can be deployed swiftly in new environments, extending oversight and reducing time for onboarding.

Once in place, configurations can be scaled and replicated easily and automatically. Copy or extend DNS zones and DHCP scopes, and deploy user authentication (including MS Active Directory) for new locations.

Spawning new virtual machines on cloud infrastructures is supplemented by IP address assignments that are reflected in all DNS servers. Once those IPs are released, the changes are automatically propagated through the network at once.

You and your team can reduce project time and cost significantly through more quickly responding to the changing needs of your business, without the need to set up lengthy processes each time.

Multi-cloud environments can be plugged into the Men & Mice Suite. Automated through a single API layer, and secured with role-based access control the network can scale out to any size and into any platform to accommodate workload, and scaled back once resources become unnecessary.

Plus, with Men & Mice, you can manage and migrate workloads to, from and between your on-prem and whichever best-in-class cloud service make sense for you. We'll cover hybrid and cloud-native solutions specifically in our next post.


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World IPv6 Launch - are you ready?

Posted by Dora Vigfusdottir on 6/1/12 7:50 AM

IPv6 logo

This time it is for real!

Major Internet Service Providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services by June 6th 2012. 

As the successor to the current Internet Protocol, IPv4, IPv6 is critical to the Internet's continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic development. On June 8th 2011, was the successful one-day World IPv6 Day event held worldwide but in many cases companies reverted back to IPv4.

Men & Mice however continued on the IPv6 route and we haven't looked back since! 

Are you ready for the future?


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The (IPv4) End is near

Posted by Arni Birgisson on 2/3/11 11:47 AM

On February 1st 2011, IANA allocated two of the remaining seven /8 address scopes to APNIC, which means that there are only 5 left in IANA's address pool.

This triggers a policy at IANA [1] which automatically allocates the five remaining /8's - one to each of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIR). This does not mean that all IPv4 address space is exhausted just yet, because the RIR's will allocate from these new /8's as well as their previous remaining pools, but clearly we are moving closer to the last allocations from the IPv4 address space.
Once all IPv4 addresses are allocated to companies and ISPs - all new IP allocations will come from the IPv6 address space only. The two protocols will be running side-by-side for some time, but if you want your content to be available to everybody regardless of IPv4 or IPv6 - now is the time to start planning. 
Are you ready for IPv6 yet?

Men & Mice IPv6 Training



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Implementing IPv6 is no longer optional it is a requirement!

Posted by Sabine Hornig on 1/14/11 6:44 AM

IPv4 exhaustionThe exhaustion of IPv4 space is coming as soon as February (yes, next month!) and the reserve held by the regional registries will be running dry shortly thereafter. The ability to provide (and use) IPv6 infrastructure is no longer optional; it is a requirement.

For Organizations and companies alike, it is important to be prepared to be able to communicate with their customers and business partners over the IPv6 Internet Protocol.

Starting this year new customers will be connected to the Internet with IPv6 only (because there are no free IPv4 addresses left). While it is expected that these customers will have some sort of transition technologies to be able to access IPv4 content, these transition technologies (DS-Lite and NAT64) are not stable today and still in IETF discussion.

These IPv6-only Internet users will have a non-optimal experience accessing IPv4-only content on the Internet.

Companies and Organizations alike must provide their public facing Internet services (E-Mail, Webpage, FTP-Download ...) over IPv6 to be able to communicate with IPv6 customers.

Men & Mice has been working with IPv6 for over 10 years, helping customers prepare for IPv6. Men & Mice has supported some of the largest networks that have switched on IPv6, and Men & Mice Experts have a long experience of supporting real world IPv6 networks. We're ready and willing to share our knowledge.

Men & Mice is continuing to show leadership and innovation in the IPv6 arena, coming out with valuable training on how to implement IPv6. Everything from introduction to the IPv6 protocol to specific deployment information via hands-on labs and interactive discussion.

Men & Mice offer a two day training that teaches the fundamentals of the new IPv6 protocol, as well as give practical advises on how to move forward in implementing IPv6 on your network. The training emphasizes on practical work to bring existing services (DNS, Web, E-Mail, NTP) into the IPv6 world. The class will also include new technologies for bridging the chasm between IPv4 and IPv6 deployments including information on Dual-Stack-Lite (ISC's AFTR) and NAT64 implementation.

For years, we've heard about IPv6 and the need for deployment. For years, we've heard that IPv4 space is running out. It's true. The time is now, so come and get trained.

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5 things on how and why you need to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 2/18/10 11:15 AM

IPv4 IPv6 ImportanceNow only 9% of the IPv4 address space globally remains free and available. The prediction is that by 2011 all IPv4 addresses will be allocated.

Learn how Men & Mice can help with the IPv6 migration and how you can make use of the FREE IPv6 migration tool.

1. What is IPv4

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the protocol version that made the Internet successful. IPv4 together with Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), is the foundation for internetworking methods of the Internet. Computers on the Internet talk to each other through IPv4. Each computer on the Internet has its own public IPv4 address, similar to a phone number: for example, ,and this will direct you to the target site requested on the Internet by a public IPv4 address.

2. What is IPv6

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the next-generation Internet Protocol version designated as the successor to IPv4. The 32 bit IPv4 addresses will be replaced by the new 128 bit IPv6 addresses and provides enough addresses for the Internet to expand further without problems. IPv6 will improve service all around the globe; for example, by providing future cell phones and mobile devices with their own unique and permanent addresses.

3. Going from IPv4 to IPv6

IPv6 adoption has been slow in the corporate world, despite the benefits of the new IP protocol. Migration from IPv4 to IPv6 does not mean replacing IPv4 with IPv6, but enabling IPv6 in addition to IPv4. This will enable the network administrator to start benefiting from the new protocol.

IPv4 and IPv6 are not compatible so an IPv4 device can't communicate directly with an IPv6 device. The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is a global challenge and as a result the adoption of IPv6 has been very slow.

One of the challenges involved for the network administrator in migrating to IPv6 is to quantify the effort and costs of an IPv6 migration as well as plan how to approach the task. Migration over to IPv6 is not a simple task and requires a solid and transparent process. With proper IP Address Management (IPAM) tools and information on the existing IPv4 infrastructure, the effort becomes manageable.

The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 should be high on the agenda by all stakeholders responsible for corporate networks. That applies to ISP's, Enterprises, government agencies as well as small businesses.

4. FREE tool that helps with the migration from IPv4 to IPv6

The Men & Mice IP Address Mangement Module is FREE of charge to help with this migration process. The license offered is valid for 6 months and only for the migration purpose.

To facilitate IPv6 deployment Men & Mice has introduced a whitepaper outlining stepwise approach to IPv6 Migration and planning using the Men & Mice IP Address Management module.

The whitepaper is also supported by a IPv6 Migration Screencast.

Please contact for a free activation key for the IP Address Management Module

5. What happens if you ignore migration from IPv4 to IPv6?

The question is no longer if IPv6 will be implemented, just when. Ignoring this change is not an option.

Everyone working in the field should be familiar with the challenges ahead and planning how to address them.

Waiting does not make sense and we urge you to start preparing for the inevitable - IPv6!!


Solution to the IPv6 problem


FREE Whitepaper, Video and migration tool: Getting ready for migration from IPv4 to IPv6

We also recommend IPv6Act now website for more details.


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