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Join Men & Mice for these FREE Windows 2012/DNSSEC and Windows 2012/DHCP Failover Webinars

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 2/6/13 9:14 AM

Windows 2012 DNSSEC and DHCP Failover Webinars

Are you interested in gaining more knowledge about Microsoft 2012 server?

Men & Mice DDI experts are offering two free Windows 2012 webinars:

  • Windows 2012 DHCP Failover

Learn more about Windows 2012 DHCP Failover Cluster, DHCP Failover Configuration & Demo, Windows 2012 IPAM and IP Address Management Analysis.
  • Windows 2012 and DNSSEC

Learn more about Windows 2012 and DNSSEC. Examine DNSSEC signing with Windows 2012 (GUI & CLI).

Fetch the Webinar video recording and slides here


Windows 2012 Webinars

Topics: DNSSEC, DHCP, Windows Server 2012, DHCP failover

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