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Stubby makes DNS lookup even shorter

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/14/15 2:00 AM


Arriving third, Stubby (Stúfur) is abnormally short and steals pans to eat the crust left on them.

I don’t know why everyone calls Mother a “monster”. She never bugs me. On the other hand, she also often forgets to feed me. I’m beginning to think it’s because she has a hard time seeing me, what with her glaucoma and my … size.

I’m not exactly what you’d call highly visible. Some nice people might describe me as “vertically challenged”. My not-so-nice brothers just call me a short s_ _ t. And then they steal my dinner.

I’m getting right sick of them picking on me because I’m short. Short can be good too. For instance, I never hit my head against beams and I can easily hide under a bunch of teddy bears when I’m delivering presents. In fact, I’m so short, I can let the toilet double up as a bath if needed!

“Short” has a lot of advantages. For example, when we’re messing around in the Men & Mice Suite, I can easily get a short, sweet DNS lookup answer by using the +short option.  Just enter 
dig +short.

I’ve had so much fun doing that, I’ve even added my own. You can have a go if you like!
dig TXT +short

Ha ha! Bet those not-so-short barbarian brothers of mine don’t know how to do that! Wonder if I should tell them? Nah, maybe next Christmas.


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