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Skyr Gobbler tests DNS reply size

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/19/15 1:00 AM


Nothing comes in the way of the 8th Yule Lad, Skyr Gobbler (Skyrgámur) when it comes to eating the delicious Icelandic dairy dish, skyr.

Skyr. It’s the best. Don’t know how anyone can even try to eat yogurt once they’ve tasted skyr. It’s like the difference between gelato and sorbet – half the texture, half the joy.

Just this morning, I made myself comfy under the skyr barrel and just let it flow, straight into these hungry jowls. Pure bliss.

Sometimes, when the skyr isn’t flowing like it should, I get really cranky. Almost as cranky as when there’s a DNS resolver limiting my DNS reply size. Such a hassle. Whenever that happens, I test my DNS reply size with $ dig +short txt  

If the result is lower than 4000 Bytes, I call Mother. She knows how to slap the crap out of a resolver that doesn’t support Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS) or how to stop an uppity firewall from interfering. And if all else fails, she just checks out the info at to figure out what’s spoiling my good cheer.

But today, today is a good day. No skyr blockages and no DNS server bottlenecks. Only the smooth surge of units of joy. Ahhh, paradise.


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