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Sausage Swiper sniffs out rogue IP addresses

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/20/15 1:00 AM


9th in line, Sausage Swiper (Bjúgnakrækir) hides in the rafters of the smoking shed and snatches sausages that are being smoked.

It’s nice hiding here. No one can see me. They never look up or search the Containers anyway. They just always fiddle with their precious sausages and then leave.

One would think they’d be a bit more careful and all, or at least bother to count the sausages. They never seem to miss any until it’s too late, and the best sausages are already safely disposed of … in my stomach.  

Oh well, not everyone cares about rogues like me, or about IP addresses that are directly under Containers and not part of IP Address Ranges or Containers. Of course, when “rogues” are present in a Container, it most likely indicates that an IP address range definition is missing within the Container for these addresses. Luckily, in the Men & Mice Suite, the Container icon will get a warning sign on it, and clicking on a button in the Container properties will list the rogue IP addresses, same as when a user opens up a normal range.

Such a simple trick! Maybe they should think of installing such a “rogue” warning in the smoking shed. Could save themselves a whole lot of sausages every year. Then again, why bother reminding them if it’s working so well … for me!

Have a Merry Sausage Christmas, All!


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