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Pot Scraper does IPAM subnet discovery

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/16/15 1:30 AM


Fifth to arrive, and some would say treated like the typical middle child, Pot Scraper (Pottaskefill) makes do with stealing leftovers from pots.

Bits and pieces. Story of my life. I always seem to be the one left to scrape together little bits here and tiny chunks there and in the end, that’s supposed to make a whole meal. Or at least that’s what Mother says.

I don’t mind. If I just look in the right places, I can make a whole lot of useful discoveries. Just the other day, I was fiddling with the Men & Mice Suite when I accidentally came across the subnet discovery feature. I wanted to change the way my idiot brothers configured the host discovery feature and checked the “Synchronize subnets…” box, just to see what would happen.

What a discovery! A whole new world opened up to me! All of a sudden, additional columns appeared in the list of IP Address Ranges. Then I realized that they are updated automatically every time the subnet discovery is performed – apparently every 15 minutes by default. And when a subnet is no longer found on a router, it’s not removed, but the additional fields are cleared.

That can only be a good thing. One shouldn’t just throw away leftovers willy-nilly, you never know when you’ll need it again later. As Mother always says: every scrap I find is one step closer to my portion.

Christmas dinner, here I come!


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