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Peeping through IPAM multiple address spaces with Window Peeper

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/21/15 1:00 AM


The tenth Yule Lad, Window Peeper (Gluggagægir), likes to sneak a peek through windows in the hope of finding something nice to steal.

I love it! All these windows and all these lights to help me see in the dark.

Humans sure are silly. Each year they add a few more windows AND a new set of lights. How can I do anything else but have a look? So much to see, so much to find, so much, so much ... stuff. I like stuff.

One of my brothers, the one who always sits holed up in the attic where Mother can’t reach him with her stick, says it’s not stuff. It’s called data. And that I should stop peeping into windows like some kind of old-fashioned pervert. He says I should rather use something called the multiple address space feature in the Men & Mice Suite to see what’s going on in other people’s places. According to him, each address space instance contains its own set of DNS servers, DNS zones, DHCP servers, DHCP scopes, IP Address ranges (including the IPv4 and IPv6 root ranges), IP Address entries and object folders.

That’s all well and nice for him. But I told him my space is already cramped enough without him and my other brothers also messing in my so-called “data”. He just laughed at me and said: “Changes to data in one address space do not affect data in any other address space.”

I told him I don’t give a flying turkey about his damn “data”, but if one of them brothers so much as sniffs my smoked leg of lamb again this Christmas, I’ll data him into his own black hole


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