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Migrating a database from SQLite to MS SQL Server with Spoon Licker

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/15/15 1:30 AM


Spoon Licker (Þvörusleikir), who is extremely thin due to malnutrition, arrives fourth. He likes to steal wooden spoons to lick.

I know I’m skinny. In some places, it’s a much-desired attribute. I’ve heard that most human women want to be “skinny” and then they end up buying a lot of stuff to eat and drink to make them so. Makes no sense to me.

No one ever calls me skinny, though. Most often, I’m called scrawny or gangly or spindly. Or just plain Yule Lad Lite. My brothers like to call me that. Then they push me over and roll around on their fat bellies laughing (RAOTFBL).

And sometimes when they think they’re reaaaally funny, they even say my Men & Mice Central database is SQLite and how am I planning to migrate my bony bottom to a Microsoft SQL Server?

Thing is, I know exactly how I’ll do it. It’s simple really, probably too simple for those potbellied, meatheaded brothers of mine. Shortly, it goes like this. Create a Men & Mice Suite database in a Microsoft SQL server. Create a directory on the Men & Mice Central Server or directly on the SQL server. Then, you, eh, download, eh, no install, or no, maybe extract this, eh, whatsitsname, thingy, you know.  Wait, let me check.

I’m so hungry now. Blood sugar dropping. Wish I could find a spoon to lick. I’ll never migrate my bony bottom anywhere at this rate.

Feeling very faint now. Where’s a spoon when you need one? Damnit! Why can’t I just eat food like other people? Stupid spoons.

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