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Gully Gawk’s RPZ for DNS

Posted by Men & Mice on 12/13/15 2:00 AM


SECURITY, they say. BUZZWORD, they say. I DON’T CARE, I say. If I want to get in, I’ll get in.

Some build walls to keep me out. Others even build firewalls. And then they sit back, relax and think that a wall or so will be enough to keep me from my milk. THINK AGAIN, I say. Once I catch a whiff of that white nectar, fresh from an unsuspecting udder, nothing will keep me out.

Except, maybe … I will admit it … I have a hard time with layers. You know, one thing on top of another, overlapping and integrating? I mean a wall is a wall, I have almost no problem finding my way over, under or around one single wall. But when I can’t see where one barrier begins and another one ends, I tend to … struggle.

Leppaludi, who, I guess, needs all the security layering he can get from Mother’s “displays” of affection, claims you can improve your layers of security by managing Response Policy Zones (RPZ) from within the Men & Mice Suite. You just need to open the “Options” dialog box for a master zone (only on BIND servers) and you will see the Response Policy Zone checkbox. To specify a zone as an RPZ zone, just click the checkbox. Or so he says.

Ha! I’d like to see him checking any boxes without Mother seeing it!

Me, I don’t care what anyone else checks. I’m catching a whiff of white … going to see if this cowshed is RPZ free. The scent of milk is killing me!

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