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Men & Mice announces the release of the Men & Mice Suite version 6.4.

Posted by Men & Mice on 9/9/13 1:04 PM

Men & Mice, a leading provider of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions, announces the release of the Men & Mice Suite version 6.4. The new release of the Men & Mice Suite shows continued commitment to provide a high quality and feature rich DNS, DHCP and IP address management product.

This new version of the Men & Mice Suite expands management flexibility by introducing appliance management, full-spectrum device management and an enhanced feature set which make the system uniquely powerful and flexible.


Management for the Men & Mice DNS/DHCP Appliance

  • Version 6.4 of the Men & Mice Suite contains management features for the Men & Mice DNS/DHP Appliance, it contains a hardened Linux kernel combined with secure DNS and DHCP servers and is available both as a hardware and a virtual appliance.  The appliance manager handles all communications, updates and configuration settings of the new appliance product.

  • All DNS and DHCP management features of the Men & Mice Suite can be used for the service on the appliances, enabling flexible and secure end-to-end DNS, DHCP and IP infrastructure management from one console. The Men & Mice Suite user can as before manage most industry standard DNS/DHCP services, including Microsoft and Linux as well as DHCP services deployed on Cisco routers and a hybrid mixture thereof.  This unique combination offers flexibility in deploying and using these solutions and allows customers to combine the Men & Mice appliance products in hybrid environments with industry standard DNS/DHCP services.

Management of Devices

  • Device management is an enhancement in the 6.4 version of the Men & Mice Suite.  The Device Management feature allows the user to create and manage any number of devices. It is possible to create multiple interfaces for each device and assign one or more IP address to each interface.

Subnet utilization history

  • Using the Men & Mice Suite 6.4 the user can now monitor the utilization of subnets and DHCP scopes. The user can view the utilization for different time periods in a subnet utilization graph and export the subnet utilization data for further analysis.

New Update Manager

  • The new Update Manager handles updates for the Men & Mice Suite and its components, including the DNS/DHCP Appliances. The Update Manager informs the user of available updates and allows the user to control the update process for the Men & Mice Suite.

New Features

  • A Migrate Zone Wizard has been added

  • Subnet containers can now be created and used to ease subnet management

  • Access is now inherited for subnets and scopes

  • Support for creation and modification of $GENERATE zone statements has been added

  • It is now possible to view and clear selected DNS Cache entries from BIND DNS servers and the DNS/DHCP appliances

  • Various new SOAP commands have been added, further extending the flexible usage of the Men & Mice Suite

As in previous releases of the Men & Mice Suite the new version contains various enhancements and improvements.  Many of these improvements have been worked on in cooperation with our current customers to meet their needs.

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