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The first BIND 10 Training

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 2/7/13 8:28 AM

BIND 10 - Men BIND 10 is the next generation of BIND, the most widely-used DNS server on the Internet. It is modular server that includes an authoritative DNS server, a recursive DNS server, a DNSSEC signer and a DHCP server for IPv4 and IPv6. BIND 10 first production release to be expected in 2013.

Additional information on BIND 10 can be found on the BIND 10 project website

Men & Mice is working close with ISC to deliver the first industry training on this new version of the BIND name server software in Amsterdam, Netherlands from February 20th - 21st, 2013.

This is a classroom-style course with lecture and hands-on labs.

The students will learn how to:

  • install BIND 10 from source or from packages
  • configure BIND 10 as an authoritative DNS Server, a DHCP server and automate DNS and DHCP data provisioning using the BIND 10 management toolset.

The class is geared towards sysadmins and network administrators with basic knowledge on DNS. 
Knowledge on BIND 9 is not required.

BIND 10 - Men  & Mice

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