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Men & Mice releases version 6.3.5 of the Men & Mice Suite

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 1/28/13 5:40 AM

Men & Mice Suite version 6.3.5 has been released. The Microsoft Windows Server 2012 contains significantly improved DNS and DHCP features, which should benefit many customers running Microsoft environments. The Men & Mice Suite 6.3.5 contains support for the new Windows Server 2012 as well as various other improvements.


  • Support for DNS and DHCP management on Windows Server 2012
  • Support for DNSSEC management on Windows Server 2012
  • Support for DHCP failover on Windows 2012
  • Support for DHCP scope policies on Windows Server 2012


  • Contents of dynamic zones and slave zones are now displayed correctly when the zone exist in multiple views
  • MAC addresses found when performing an IP Address Collection are now displayed in the IP reconciliation and Discovered Devices reports in the Web Interface

  • Verification of input XML in the SOAP API has been improved

  • It is now possible to add the root zone "." through the Create Zone dialog box

  • Parsing for TXT resource records has been improved

  • Scope migration wizard now copies access permissions for scopes

  • ACLs inside allow-update and match-clients statements on BIND servers are now supported

  • A history log entry is now created when a slave zone is created

  • Zone options from AD integrated zones are now read from the preferred server

  • Various performance and stability improvements for large environments

Current owners download of the Men & Mice Suite

Already a owner of the Men & Mice Suite? If so, download the latest version 6.3.5 from here.


Free trial of the Men & Mice Suite

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