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Men & Mice Suite Version 6.3.1 is now available

Posted by Dora Vigfusdottir on 1/30/12 11:24 AM

Men & Mice Suite Version 6.3.1 is now available

Men & Mice, a leading provider of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions, has announced the release of Men & Mice Suite version 6.3.1. Version 6.3.1 of the Men & Mice Suite contains various new features and usability enhancements, making the system more powerful and easier to use.


The new release contains:

  • Support for multiple address spaces has been added.  Each address space can contain its own subnets, DHCP servers, DHCP scopes, DNS servers and DNS zones
  • Custom DHCP options can be defined for Microsoft and ISC DHCP servers
  • Users of the DNS and IPAM modules can generate reverse DNS zones directly from the IPAM subnet view
  • Ranges created under DHCP scopes can be viewed in the DHCP scope view and it is possible to manage DHCP reservations inside those ranges
  • Documentation for the SOAP interface can be retrieved directly from Men & Mice Central


This release various other improvements like:

  • DHCP leases can now be released from the web interface and DHCP reservations can be moved to a different IP address
  • Custom DHCP options are now available for Cisco DHCP servers
  • DHCP Scope utilization calculations in the web interface have been improved
  • Support has been added for options of type 'record' on ISC DHCP servers
  • AD sites are synchronized automatically
  • It is now possible to show a visual indication of gaps between subnets in the Windows Management Console
  • Subnet hierarchy is now shown in folders
  • Regular expression support in the Quick Filter has been improved
  • New commands have been added to the SOAP interface
  • Performance has been optimized for large and active environments
For full release notes, please visit:

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