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Posted by Dora Vigfusdottir on 1/5/12 9:43 AM

The fourth and final installment on the IPAM Module in the Men & Mice Suite!

Daily work tools

In addition to the mentioned functionality, the Men & Mice Suite IP Address Module brings several helpful tools, which make the daily work much easier:

  • Move Device: When a device (e.g. a server) gets a new IP address this functionality helps to accomplish the task with one click. Merely mark the IP address, select ‘Move’ and select the new IP address.
  • Search & Update Wizard: This tool allows you to bulk changes or to search for a certain data. Changing e.g. an office number for hundreds of machines can be done in one step.
  • Split subnets: With a simple dialog you can split up a base subnet into possible subnets, e.g. a into 4 times 724
  • Join Subnets: Just by marking the ranges and pressing the Join button will merge the subnets (if possible) into a base subnet, e.g. 4 times /24 into a /22
  • Allocation Wizard: Allows an easy allocation of certain number of subnets, e.g. 2 times a /24, which should be allocated underneath a /16. No manual search for free blocks – the allocation wizard takes care of this.
  • Find next free address in range: Imagine a partly used IPv4/IPv6 subnet and you need to find a free IP address for a host. With the help of ‘Find the next free address’ –functionality, the Men & Mice Suite will find the next free IP address for you.

We hope these four posts on the IPAM Module have been informative and useful.  Why not getting a free trial of the Men & Mice Suite? 

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