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The Men & Mice Suite Version 6.3

Posted by Dora Vigfusdottir on 9/2/11 7:35 PM

Men & Mice, a leading provider of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions, is proud to announce the release of Men & Mice Suite version 6.3.

Version 6.3 of the Men & Mice Suite contains various new features and usability enhancements, making the system more powerful and easier to use.

The new release contains agent –free Microsoft DNS management, support for distinction between dynamic and static DNS records on MS DNS server and improved DNS scope migration tools and improved super scope management for MS DHCP management, to name a few exciting features.  Through automatic updates it is possible to configure the system so that the server controllers and the Management Consoles are automatically updated when a new version of Men & Mice Central is installed.

These are just a few of the exciting features version 6.3 entails.  On our website you can view the whole list of features and download the new version.

Wanna try out the latest version?

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