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The (IPv4) End is near

Posted by Arni Birgisson on 2/3/11 11:47 AM

On February 1st 2011, IANA allocated two of the remaining seven /8 address scopes to APNIC, which means that there are only 5 left in IANA's address pool.

This triggers a policy at IANA [1] which automatically allocates the five remaining /8's - one to each of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIR). This does not mean that all IPv4 address space is exhausted just yet, because the RIR's will allocate from these new /8's as well as their previous remaining pools, but clearly we are moving closer to the last allocations from the IPv4 address space.
Once all IPv4 addresses are allocated to companies and ISPs - all new IP allocations will come from the IPv6 address space only. The two protocols will be running side-by-side for some time, but if you want your content to be available to everybody regardless of IPv4 or IPv6 - now is the time to start planning. 
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