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Implementing IPv6 is no longer optional it is a requirement!

Posted by Sabine Hornig on 1/14/11 6:44 AM

IPv4 exhaustionThe exhaustion of IPv4 space is coming as soon as February (yes, next month!) and the reserve held by the regional registries will be running dry shortly thereafter. The ability to provide (and use) IPv6 infrastructure is no longer optional; it is a requirement.

For Organizations and companies alike, it is important to be prepared to be able to communicate with their customers and business partners over the IPv6 Internet Protocol.

Starting this year new customers will be connected to the Internet with IPv6 only (because there are no free IPv4 addresses left). While it is expected that these customers will have some sort of transition technologies to be able to access IPv4 content, these transition technologies (DS-Lite and NAT64) are not stable today and still in IETF discussion.

These IPv6-only Internet users will have a non-optimal experience accessing IPv4-only content on the Internet.

Companies and Organizations alike must provide their public facing Internet services (E-Mail, Webpage, FTP-Download ...) over IPv6 to be able to communicate with IPv6 customers.

Men & Mice has been working with IPv6 for over 10 years, helping customers prepare for IPv6. Men & Mice has supported some of the largest networks that have switched on IPv6, and Men & Mice Experts have a long experience of supporting real world IPv6 networks. We're ready and willing to share our knowledge.

Men & Mice is continuing to show leadership and innovation in the IPv6 arena, coming out with valuable training on how to implement IPv6. Everything from introduction to the IPv6 protocol to specific deployment information via hands-on labs and interactive discussion.

Men & Mice offer a two day training that teaches the fundamentals of the new IPv6 protocol, as well as give practical advises on how to move forward in implementing IPv6 on your network. The training emphasizes on practical work to bring existing services (DNS, Web, E-Mail, NTP) into the IPv6 world. The class will also include new technologies for bridging the chasm between IPv4 and IPv6 deployments including information on Dual-Stack-Lite (ISC's AFTR) and NAT64 implementation.

For years, we've heard about IPv6 and the need for deployment. For years, we've heard that IPv4 space is running out. It's true. The time is now, so come and get trained.

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