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Men & Mice Suite version 6.2.2 released

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 12/17/10 11:00 AM

Version 6.2.2 is a maintenance release that contains various enhancements and stability improvement as well as several new features:

New Features
- It is now possible to edit DHCP subclasses on ISC DHCP servers
- It is now possible to manage Cisco DHCP servers that must be in management mode. This is done by providing a second password that puts the server in management mode
- Added support for address pool permit for scopes on ISC DHCP servers
- Added support for the SPF, NSEC3PARAM and NSEC3 record types

- Search and Update wizard can now search for devices using the 'begins with', 'contains', 'is' and 'ends with' criteria (previously it could only search by 'begins with)
- Improved subnet monitoring.
- Improved SNMP support. The function to send SNMP traps when error events occur in the system (log events of type Error) has been improved.
- Improved monitoring of active IP addresses using the router ARP cache.
- The web interface has a new host editor

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