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Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 10/7/10 7:27 AM

QuickDNS ProAn e-mail received from a satisfied customer of 13 years!

As much as we'd love to continue servicing customers such as this one, we realize that all things must change and are very grateful for loyal support to our product, dating back to last century!

We'd like to share his message and are grateful for this testimonial as well as other positive feedback we get from our customers as years go by.

Hi Men & Mice,

Thank you for the maintenance extension! I've always said that Men & Mice has great customer service!

My company is a small company and the fact that we're using your solution year after year just shows how much we love it. But I'm pulled in multiple directions these days and outsourcing our DNS to our ISP makes too much sense to ignore. 

I'm going to follow through with this and phase out DNS during the next few months. I've been a customer of yours for a very long time -- I think since 1997. But it's time for me to take the burden of making sure primary DNS stays up and pass it over to my ISP.

I'm curious, when did I first sign up with Men & Mice, or as it was originally marked as QuickDNS? I know I ordered QuickDNS as soon as it was out. I recall being excited when the product arrived. Did I beta test the first version?

Thank you all for the years of service and support. Ironically I've only used support maybe 2 to 3 times in all the years of using your software. Your products just worked!

Thanks again for all the years!


Reg Harris

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