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We fix your DNS faster then you can say A-YAH-FYAT-LA-YO-KULL

Posted by Omar Gudmundsson on 8/11/10 9:26 AM

DSC00518 resize resized 600Men & Mice participated in the annual Microsoft TechEd USA conference, this year hosted by the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

For the first time we had our own booth at the conference Expo.

Attendance was up by 20-30% from last year and our DNS and IP address management solutions were well received by the many network admins and other experts visiting our stand. As the TechEd event is focused on Microsoft solutions, we put special emphasis on our expertise in working with MS DNS and DHCP servers as well as our ability to integrate seamlessly with MS Active Directory.

The TechEd expo went on for 4 days, all of which were busy, although the first couple of days we saw the highest number of visitors. This event proved to us the growing need for DNS and IPAM solutions and positive feedback from existing customers as well as new prospects further reinforces our believe that we are on the right track with development of our Men & Mice Suite.

In light of recent events in Iceland, we decided to go with a volcano theme for the decoration of our stand, displaying a 10´ by 7´ photo of the recent eruption in the volcano Eyjafjallajokull. To give visitors a taste of Iceland we treated them with a DSC00526 resize resized 600delicious chocolate wafer „Lava bar“ as well as maybe not so tasty, but ever so exciting sample of the ashes from the volcano, the same ash as grounded all air traffic in Europe for a couple of weeks back in April this year. This was well received and it was amazing how many of the people we talked to had a story to tell of friends, relatives or themselves having been delayed or rerouted because of the ash cloud from Iceland. This goes to proof that very small things can cause big problems . . . very much like in your DNS environment !

We hope that everybody made it home safely from the show . . . with their small bag of ash to show their kids and family. It was a great pleasure to have the chance to participate in this exciting event and wish to thank the organizers as well as the people of New Orleans and Louisiana for their hospitality.

Looking forward to seeing you again next year at TechEd in Atlanta !

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