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Posted by Men & Mice on 11/25/13 8:39 AM

Did you know that Men & Mice are serious about your success and eager to share our knowledge with you?

Headquartered in Iceland with locations scattered around the world, Men & Mice is proud to have offices full of extremely intelligent minds that are eager to share their knowledge. The education takes place on our website, at our webinars & trainings, and through various social media channels like Twitter.

We gather interesting industry related knowledge that we read about, and impressive software and online tools that we discover, and then share that information during webinars, on our blog and thru social media. You'll learn what is new, what dangers you should be aware of and, how you can simplify your daily network management tasks.

At Men & Mice the aim is to offer state of the art software and hardware, great service, and last but not least, industry leading education. At the upcoming "DNS fragmentation attacks - the dangers of not validating DNSSEC" webinar in December, the focus will be on why these attacks work, why DNS caching servers that do not do DNSSEC validation are especially vulnerable, why DNSSEC signed zones can be used to launch these attacks, and how IPv6 and/or DNSSEC validation can stop these attacks.

Eythor - Men & Mice ServicesArniIf you have a question about DNS, IPAM, DHCP, DNSSEC, IPv6, or anything really, you can ask our Experts in the Services department. 



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