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The first BIND 10 Training

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 2/7/13 8:28 AM

BIND 10 - Men BIND 10 is the next generation of BIND, the most widely-used DNS server on the Internet. It is modular server that includes an authoritative DNS server, a recursive DNS server, a DNSSEC signer and a DHCP server for IPv4 and IPv6. BIND 10 first production release to be expected in 2013.

Additional information on BIND 10 can be found on the BIND 10 project website

Men & Mice is working close with ISC to deliver the first industry training on this new version of the BIND name server software in Amsterdam, Netherlands from February 20th - 21st, 2013.

This is a classroom-style course with lecture and hands-on labs.

The students will learn how to:

  • install BIND 10 from source or from packages
  • configure BIND 10 as an authoritative DNS Server, a DHCP server and automate DNS and DHCP data provisioning using the BIND 10 management toolset.

The class is geared towards sysadmins and network administrators with basic knowledge on DNS. 
Knowledge on BIND 9 is not required.

BIND 10 - Men  & Mice

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Join Men & Mice for these FREE Windows 2012/DNSSEC and Windows 2012/DHCP Failover Webinars

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 2/6/13 9:14 AM

Windows 2012 DNSSEC and DHCP Failover Webinars

Are you interested in gaining more knowledge about Microsoft 2012 server?

Men & Mice DDI experts are offering two free Windows 2012 webinars:

  • Windows 2012 DHCP Failover

Learn more about Windows 2012 DHCP Failover Cluster, DHCP Failover Configuration & Demo, Windows 2012 IPAM and IP Address Management Analysis.
  • Windows 2012 and DNSSEC

Learn more about Windows 2012 and DNSSEC. Examine DNSSEC signing with Windows 2012 (GUI & CLI).

Fetch the Webinar video recording and slides here


Windows 2012 Webinars

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Men & Mice releases version 6.3.5 of the Men & Mice Suite

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 1/28/13 5:40 AM

Men & Mice Suite version 6.3.5 has been released. The Microsoft Windows Server 2012 contains significantly improved DNS and DHCP features, which should benefit many customers running Microsoft environments. The Men & Mice Suite 6.3.5 contains support for the new Windows Server 2012 as well as various other improvements.


  • Support for DNS and DHCP management on Windows Server 2012
  • Support for DNSSEC management on Windows Server 2012
  • Support for DHCP failover on Windows 2012
  • Support for DHCP scope policies on Windows Server 2012


  • Contents of dynamic zones and slave zones are now displayed correctly when the zone exist in multiple views
  • MAC addresses found when performing an IP Address Collection are now displayed in the IP reconciliation and Discovered Devices reports in the Web Interface

  • Verification of input XML in the SOAP API has been improved

  • It is now possible to add the root zone "." through the Create Zone dialog box

  • Parsing for TXT resource records has been improved

  • Scope migration wizard now copies access permissions for scopes

  • ACLs inside allow-update and match-clients statements on BIND servers are now supported

  • A history log entry is now created when a slave zone is created

  • Zone options from AD integrated zones are now read from the preferred server

  • Various performance and stability improvements for large environments

Current owners download of the Men & Mice Suite

Already a owner of the Men & Mice Suite? If so, download the latest version 6.3.5 from here.


Free trial of the Men & Mice Suite

Not yet an owner of the Men & Mice Suite? Go ahead and get a free trial of the Men & Mice Suite.

For further information send an e-mail to

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Season greetings

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 12/21/12 9:53 AM

Christmas greetings

From all of us here at Men & Mice, merry christmas and a happy new year.

May the holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter.

Men & Mice staff

Got your plane ticket, the Iceland Airwaves Festival Pass and ready to make heaps of new friends?

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 10/16/12 12:28 PM

describe the imageWhy not visit Men & Mice, have a beer or two and get to know the fun side of us before seeing some of the world’s most exciting artists performing. We're going be attending Iceland Airwaves 2012!

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones that were able to purchase the festival pass before they sold out, don’t be discouraged.  You can visit 450 off-venue shows located throughout Reykjavik, for free. 

For those that haven’t heard about the premium annual showcases for new music – both Icelandic and otherwise, can read all about it here.

For those that are coming to our little Rockland, don’t be shy, drop us an e-mail and let us know when you want to visit us at the Men & Mice headquarters, we'll of course play Of Monsters and Men!



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Men & Mice has moved.. (no, not because of a volcano erupting)..

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 9/28/12 8:17 AM

Men & Mice is pleased to announce the relocation of its office to Kopavogur, Iceland. To support our growth as well as to improve our working environment we have moved the company's head office to a new premises.

As of September 1st, 2012 onwards, our office will be located at the following address:

Men & Mice
Hlidasmari 15
201 Kopavogur

Come visit, we'd love to see you.

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DNSSEC monitoring tools

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 5/16/11 10:14 AM

Mr.Carsten Strotmann, one of Men & Mice Experts has created a list of tools that can help in verifying a DNSSEC signed zone.

Symptom: A newly DNSSEC signed zone should be monitored to detect potential DNSSEC validation issues before the zone goes public.

Problem: A DNSSEC signed zone is much more vulnerable to software errors and operational errors, a small misconfiguration can render the whole zone invalid.

Solution: Below is a list of tools that can help verifying a DNSSEC signed zone. DNSSEC verification can be done in different stages of DNSSEC zone deployment.

DNSSEC validation issues

Verisign jdnssec-tools

jdnssec-verifyzone: This is a tool to verify a signed zone for DNSSEC correctness. This tool verifies that a zone was correctly signed. It checks that all signatures are valid, all expected signatures exist, all expected NSEC or NSEC3 records exist and are correctly formed, and that the NSEC/NSEC3 chain is correctly formed.


AFNIC ZoneCheck

a generic DNS zone checker, include some DNSSEC checks
can be augmented with other tools
delivers a solid framework for DNS checks 


.SE dnssec-monitor

a small set of DNSSEC related tools .SE use for monitor DNSSEC-signed zones


SurfNet DNSSEC Checker

the DNSSEC Checker is a script that uses ubound-host and dnspython to verify DNSSEC information

python-based / unbound based

YAZVS — Yet Another Zone Validation Script is one of the utilities that VeriSign uses daily to validate new versions of the root and arpa zones before they are published to the distribution masters.


Vantages D-Sync

"D-Sync" monitors the secure delegation state between a child zone's DNSKEY(s) and the parent zone's DS record(s) for that child.  D-Sync uses a state-engine to track consistency during DNSKEY rollovers and DS record updates and alerts operators to various events.


NlNetLabs ldns-verify-zone (part of ldns)

ldns-verify-zone reads a DNS zone file and verifies it. RRSIG  resource  records are checked against the DNSKEY set at the zone apex. Each name is checked for an NSEC(3), if appropriate



nagval - Nagios/Icinga plugin to check validity of one or more DNSSEC domains



Monitor and analyze DNSSEC key rollovers

python based

OpenDNSSEC auditor

The OpenDNSSEC DNSSEC automation suite contains a module (the auditor) that checks the DNSSEC signed zone created by the OpenDNSSEC signer. The list of checks done by the auditor can be found at


OpenDNSSEC monitor

This project contains tools to monitor a DNSSEC-signed zone,
including a NAGIOS plug-in.


Do you know of any other DNSSEC monitoring tools that can help verifying a DNSSEC signed zone?

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Gartner Report - Marketscope for the DNS, DHCP and IPAM market in 2011

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 4/6/11 10:18 AM

Men & Mice: A promising vendor in a promising market

Gartner - Men & Mice

Men & Mice rating

Gartner has released its annual marketscope on the DNS, DHCP and IP address market (DDI) and moves Men & Mice into the Promising category.  Closure of large deals and strong customer feedback secured this change.  This highlights the company’s emphasis on customer care and high level of expertise and quality.

Gartner recommends that SMBs and large enterprises seeking an Overlay solution with strong administrative controls should consider the Men & Mice Suite.

Gartner highlights some of the Men & Mice Suite strengths:

  • Easy deployment
  • Broad overlay support as the solution can centrally manage Microsoft, Linux and Cisco DNS and DHCP services.
  • Tight MS Active Directory integration

Market rating

Gartner’s marketscope also reveals interesting estimates and predictions for the DDI market.  Gartner estimates the DDI market as promising and that the market will grow 28% in 2011 and grew 23% from 2009 to 2010.  Gartner predicts total spending of $276 million in 2011.  Widespread adoption of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and IPv6 in 2011 can accelerate growth, contributing to faster growth than predicted.  Gartner expects that by 2014, only 30% of all DNS look-ups will be signed with DNSSEC and by 2015, 17% of global Internet users will use IPv6, with 28% of new Internet connections running the protocol

Gartner has identified two main drivers for adoption of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solutions:

  • Management of the IP address space - 80%
  • Stability. Critical to the overall IT environment - 20%

Most organizations rely on the embedded DNS/DHCP services included in Windows Server, despite the fact that Microsoft does not offer an IPAM tool and its Microsoft Management Console (MMC) provides primitive administrative capabilities.  Still standard appliances are the biggest part of the DDI market.  This fact implies that most organization have yet to deploy a professional tool to manage these core services effectively.

Gartner’s predictions indicate that new adoption as well as IPv6 and DNSSEC will funnel at least 25% CAGR growth in the coming years.

Try the Men & Mice Suite Try the Men & Mice Suite, a professional tool to manage the core services effectively. 


The MarketScope is copyrighted 2011 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The MarketScope is an evaluation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartner's analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the MarketScope, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest rating. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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Men & Mice in 20 years

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 3/15/11 7:23 AM

Men & Mice's 20th anniversary celebration is coming to an end.  In the IT industry 20 years is quite a long time.  The company has survived various bubbles along the way and is now stronger than ever.

Men & Mice was originally established in 1990 by Petur Petursson, Jon Georg Adalsteinsson and Kristinn Eiríksson.  Both Petur and Jon are still working in the company, focusing on continuing to strengthen and grow the company.

After having worked on local projects for a few years the company started its journey in DNS and IP Address Management in 1995 by developing the first DNS server for the Mac platform under the brand name QuickDNS. 

For many years QuickDNS was the ”industry standard” for DNS in the Mac world.  This server was used by thousands of users and still today there are a few still using this product.  MacWorld gave this product 4 stars in their review at the time.  For a few years a Japanese version was available of QuickDNS which was an interesting experience.

In 1997 we released a new product called DNS Expert.  The product analyzed and monitored companies DNS health.  In 1998 this product became our first multiplatform product, being available for both Windows and Mac OS.  DNS Expert is still a well known brand name in the DNS world and is still being used to monitor DNS on many networks.  Two years later a new product DNS Expert AD monitor was released and the same year the company also started to offer DNS training classes globally.  Over the years we have trained people in most continents and from many of the leading global companies.   The company is still offering on its mission to increase awareness on DNS by offering global DNS training classes in cooperation with ISC.  DNS Expert AD monitor was also sold OEM and distributed by another vendor.

In 2002 the base for current Men & Mice Suite was created by the release of our DNS management solution.  First management for BIND was introduced and then later for the Microsoft DNS server.  In 2004 basic DHCP and IP address management functionality was added to the solutions creating the foundation of our current main product, the Men & Mice Suite.  In 2006 a new version of fully integrated DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management was released. 

Since then the Men & Mice Suite has been a leading provider of DDI Overlay solutions, continuously adding new functionality in co-operation with our growing customer base.  Over the years we have served many of the fortune 1000 companies and during the last 20 years over 10.000 companies have used our solutions and services. 

Today some of the largest and most prominent global companies are using the Men & Mice Suite to effectively manage their DDI infrastructure.

Now after 20 years there are still exiting times ahead.  New technology challenges like IPv6 and DNSSEC are starting to be a part of DDI Infrastructure.  The new technology, current trends in Cloud as well as increase business process automation will affect they way DNS, DHCP and IP Address management will be handled in the coming years. 


Men & Mice staff in Prague, celebrating the 20 years of success.

We at Men & Mice will continue to have high focus on customer care. We intend to be the customers First Choice in IP Address Management by combining proven quality products with high level of expertise, enabling customers to effectively manage their DDI Infrastructure. We are looking forward to the next 20 years!

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Men & Moustache

Posted by Dagmar Hilmarsdottir on 3/11/11 9:41 AM

In March 2011, Icelandic men grow a moustache to support research of male-dominant cancer types, of course Men & Mice contribute to the research.

Here are some of Men & Mice contributors:










Looking great, don't you think?

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