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The Men&Mice Suite is an API-driven, software-defined modular overlay solution for the management of DNS, DHCP and IPAM operations in complex on-prem, hybrid, and multicloud network environments.

Today's network challenges are complex, but the solutions don’t need to be complicated. By decoupling management from the technical backend, the Men&Mice Suite affords businesses the freedom to move resources where they make the most business sense.

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Global businesses, as well as education and government organizations need to increase network portability to adapt to changing business priorities. Visibility, control, automation, and security of complex, hybrid IP infrastructure is critical.

This is why operators of heterogeneous network environments at some of the largest global businesses of today rely on Men&Mice daily.

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Men&Mice customers enjoy benefits such as:

  • Flexible purchasing options with the choice of licenses or subscriptions for the Men&Mice Suite
  • Non-disruptive deployment on existing infrastructure without configuration change or hardware procurement
  • Platform-agnostic DNS, DHCP, and IPAM data migration capabilities
  • Secure DNS synchronization across network environments utilizing Men&Mice’s xDNS Redundancy™ feature